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About Michael

Michael R. Williams is a feature film producer, line producer and DGA Unit Production Manager based in Los Angeles. 

He is also the creator of a number of digital tools used widely throughout the industry, including founding Think Crew, co-creating the Casper call sheet and creating the Universal Schedule Standard.


Selected film & Series projects

digital tools created by michael

Think Crew

Think Crew provides professional scheduling tools that allow you to create, share and manage your production schedules. Originally founded in 2013 as a platform to distribute various digital tools, Think Crew was reborn as scheduling software in 2019. It has set a new standard for scheduling software used in the industry.

Universal Schedule Standard

The Universal Schedule Standard allows for the transport and storage of schedule information across multiple platforms. A large number of industry partners now support the standard as it launches in 2022.


Casper is an all-in-one call sheet, production report, exhibit G and hot cost report that is widely used throughout the industry. Michael was a co-creator, along with Paul Silver and Elion Olson.


Poco is a tool used by production coordinators to help process and publish all of the information on a feature or series. By entering all cast, crew, vendors, hotels, airfares, etc, Poco allows you to publish every conceivable document the production office would produce.