Poco 5


Poco 5 is a FileMaker Pro database that organizes all of the information about your cast, crew, vendors, flights, hotels and car rentals. It also helps you publish all of the documents you issue - crew lists, cast lists, vendor lists, travel itineraries, hotel room lists, daily status reports, SAG-AFTRA contracts, DGA contracts, standard crew deal memos... even birthday lists. Poco is the first choice for Production Coordinators working in television, commercial, music video and film production.

Coordinators have relied on a number of disparate tools in the past -- usually relying heavily on word processors and spreadsheets. Poco allows you to enter your data once and publish it in a variety of ways. Just think how much wasted effort has gone into typing a crew list and then retyping much of that same information into a distribution list, deal memo, credit list and mailing labels.