Budgeting & Scheduling Services

The first step in any project is scheduling the material and preparing a comprehensive budget.

The Process


The first step is to format the script for production. This can include managing sluglines, insuring proper margins & spacing and finally numbering each scene to correspond with the forthcoming breakdown.


Once the script data has been imported, each scene is broken down and entered into Movie Magic Scheduling. Every set, actor, vehicle, stunt and background performer that is mentioned or implied by the script must be noted.


With a completed breakdown, the schedule can now be created. An emphasis is made on minimizing company moves, providing cover sets and shooting the lead cast out as efficiently as possible. Multiple versions are sometimes created to weigh each schedule's particular merits.


Each unique attribute of a project must be properly researched to insure that the produciton plan is sound. This can involve speaking with film commissions or local union business agents so that the particulars are discovered and incorporated early in the process.


Finally a budget is created based on all of the preceeding work. All of the pertinent details from the breakdown, schedule and the research are now incorporated into Movie Magic Budgeting. The resulting budget is provided with a list of critical assumptions and a tax incentive estimate, if needed.

Work samples

Below are some visual samples of the scheduling and budgeting process. Full sample budgets and schedules are availalbe upon request.

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