About Michael

Who is Michael?

Michael got his start as an intern at Paramount Pictures after graduating from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Film Production. He worked his way up from Production Assistant to Producer, working as an animator, editor and assistant director along the way. During this time, he worked under the tutelage of many producers where Williams learned the ropes of budgeting and scheduling feature films. Michael actually produced his first short film when he was a high school freshman, winning a state film award his first time out of the gate.

What does he do?

With twenty-eight years of industry experience, Michael is a seasoned Producer, Line-Producer and UPM. He brings with him decades of physical production knowledge in business affairs, labor relations, vendors, contracts, tax incentives, budgeting, scheduling, distant location shooting, international productions, completion bonds, finance and sales. Michael also can help guide any production in finding the best solutions to issues such as film vs. digital, union vs. non-union and the comparison of various incentive states.

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